Think Marvel Universe – Why Corporate Heroism is Where It’s At

Recently I read a couple of thoughtful posts by Steve Seager, a man who’s spent a lot of time wondering how business might best adopt the art of storytelling. Particularly striking were these flowcharts of the human imagination as practiced around the world, showing how different traditions approach narrative and put it into effect. Here we can see interesting variations… Read more →


An Agile Heart is a Corporate Asset

  Recently I read an excellent overview of what’s required from a content professional today, and how problematic it is to locate all these skills in a single individual. In part this is a natural consequence of the current employment landscape, and those active fault-lines which lie directly underneath it. Just as we’re seeing the bundling and unbundling of products… Read more →


Content Alchemy – Data, Narrative, Intelligence

  It’s surprising how often Content is treated as an indivisible thing, instead of a spectrum of values and forms, although this probably has more to do with time constraints and available characters (Hello Twitter) than any fundamental oversight. Nonetheless, it’s a crucial distinction and there’s great value to be had in recognizing specific properties, plus the ways in which… Read more →

The Trash Vortex of Content – On Google Panda & Textual Pong

  It’s not difficult to understand the panic caused by Panda 4.0 as its implications roll into view, and it takes out whole swathes of content from the upper echelons of Google’s rankings with the kind of brutal sideswipe more readily associated with a grizzly bear. And yet, for all the legitimate concerns and cries of pain, as a clean-up… Read more →


Workshopping The World – Thoughts on Slack Integrations

The world is making entrepreneurs of us all. There is no viable opt-out for most people, and a vast number of them would have it no other way. In an attention economy, with time at a premium, the convergence of social channels and value creation is assured. Talking shop will win the hour. Input – however basic –will ultimately bankrupt… Read more →


A Lean Content Strategy Means a License to Roam (Thoughts on Brand Publishing)

  Recently I enjoyed this spirited attempt to think through the definition of content strategy; something I’d also been giving much thought to of late. The danger being, as Cameron correctly identifies, that it’s becoming little more than a catch-all term for various remits and roles, without possessing any active definition of its own (and wherever we encounter this kind… Read more →